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A new genre of urban living above the roofs

and in every niche of the city.

CABIN SPACEY offers living space that’s very much now: crafted from sustainable materials and designed to match the actual needs of those looking for a new home. Environmentally friendly, contemporary, intelligent, modular, flexible. No matter where you plan to live: Cabin Spacey exploits previously untapped potential. The minimal homes for new living conquer your city’s upper-most level – its rooftops. Berlin alone has 55,000 unused roofs that are unsuitable for regular development. This is where Cabin Spacey comes in.

The path forward takes us all the way up: CABIN SPACEY exemplifies the growing demand for high-quality, resource efficient, and extremely flexible urban living space. At just over 20 square meters, the smallest unit can easily house 2 people. CABIN SPACEY consists of an outer hull and an interior supply unit featuring a bathroom, bed, and kitchenette. For urban nomads, the minimal house is the perfect choice: It’s easy to transport, easy to install, and easily hooked up to existing utilities and infrastructures, whether unused roof, urban wasteland, or parking lot. With CABIN SPACEY, a confident generation unlocks new oases in the metropolitan jungle.


CABIN SPACEY is very much the work of a team, supported by: