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Cabin Spacey. The founding story.

Two years ago we asked ourselves how living of the future would look like. Now we know, that we can shape new genres of living together. CABIN SPACEY was not a pop-up idea. It’s a combined answer to several paradigm shifts, newly arisen needs and behavior changes in living and travelling. An increasing demand for mobility is shaping new forms and habits of accommodation. Right in that field of tension we started working. We always dreamed about CABIN SPACEY as the location independent housing solution for the modern metropolitan. As a first move towards the direction of that vision we designed and built a minimal home which is smart and sustainable at the same time. Our overall goal from the beginning was to lower the access barriers to appropriate living space in exceptional locations. Join our journey by following, sharing or becoming part of our story. Let’s get in touch.

CEO & founder of CABIN SPACEY

Crowdfunding Campaign

2016, we took part in the Smart Urban Pioneers competition and got into the final rounds. In cooperation with Smart, we produced our first crowdfunding campaign video and are still happy about all our supporters along the way!

Meet the Cabin Crew.
Simon Becker
Simon Becker CEO / Business Development
Andreas Rauch
Andreas Rauch CPO / Product Development
Hannes Felsberg
Hannes Felsberg COO / Business Development
Wolfgang Schmidt-Ulm
Wolfgang Schmidt-Ulm CFO / Finance
Sarah Kricke
Sarah Kricke Marketing
Amelie Salameh
Amelie Salameh IT Project Management
Joanna Buchmeyer
Joanna Buchmeyer Event Manager
Juliane Eirich
Juliane Eirich Extern Photographer
Birgit Ströbel
Birgit Ströbel Mentor
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Upcoming Events
20 June 2018 / 12:15 Uhr / Berlin

Tech Open Air Product Launch / Path of Future

smart x Cabin Spacey 12:15 — 19:00 toa18 #mobility Path of Future – Day 1 Path of Future - smart and Cabin Spacey invite you to a journey through the mobility and living of tomorrow. Join smart x Cabin Spacey outdoors for the product launch at 12.15, and founder's walkthroughs of the activation every hour, starting at 14:00.
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